Meet Tyson!

Thursday, December 1st, 2022

Indoor-only home offers please!

Tyson and his brother came to Cats Aid after their wild mother was spotted in a garden in Dundrum. His mammy has since been spayed and returned to her garden where she is looked after by a collection of neighbours. Tyson has been fostered with his brother Taylor since birth, and they are best buds.

Tyson and Taylor are a dynamic duo that will keep you laughing with their antics and besotted with their cuteness. Tyson is a clever little boy who is the more independent of the two, but who is very sweet when he decides that you’re his person. You’ll know you’re that person when he starts asking for belly rubs. He loves racing through his cat tunnel and trying to sneak up on his brother. He likes tackling paper bags to find his jingle ball inside, and adores chasing any ball that makes a noise on the wood floors. He and Taylor are well-behaved, social, and sweet little cats who anyone would be lucky to adopt.

Tyson took about three weeks to settle into a new foster home when he was 7-months-old, and will need patience at first, but has gotten less cautious around visitors since then. He still can be a little skittish with loud noises. Prior to moving to his current foster home, Tyson and Taylor lived with three other cats and got on well with them.

Tyson is one year old and is a grey and white short-hair. He is in good health and has had his initial vaccines, has been neutered, and is microchipped. Indoor homes only, please.

Please email if you would like to enquire about this cat. Alternatively please ring us on 087 693 5100.