Meet Cilla! (Booked)

Monday, January 30th, 2023

Cilla is 8 months old , short haired, black with white spots. She is a very friendly and playful kitten. She explored her foster home from day one and is interested in anything her human does. When the doorbell rings, she is at the door to check who is coming. She will greet all your guests, neighbours, kids, and delivery crew with no difference. She will ask for attention and will purr, even at the vet, as long as someone is paying her attention.

Cilla is very gentle cat in her play and will chase balls or ask for cuddles. With kids she has been awesome and chased balls or feather poles without stopping.

Cilla’s favourite exercise is with her little ball. She loves when you throw it at the top of the stairs and she then chases it down. If you don’t have time to play with her, she will carry it upstairs and throw and chase it by herself to keep herself entertained. Rest of the time she will spend looking out the window or cuddling somewhere near you.

Cilla is also trying to make friends with the resident cat that is not very keen on the new tenants. Each day Cilla is trying to sleep a bit closer to her and is curiously approaching her, but also taking step back when resident cat signals that she got too close. Cilla will make friends with other, more friendly cats without a problem.

Cilla is not fussy about eating at all, as she needs a lot of energy for runs and toy chasing. She is mostly on dry food with vet food as treats, and she shares her kitten food with older resident cat if she can sneak around and eat food for adult cats.

She comes fully vaccinated and neutered into her new home, litter trained and ready to cuddle and play with her very own human.

Please email if you would like to enquire about this cat. Alternatively please ring us on 087 693 5100.