Meet Griff! (Booked!)

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Griff is a very pretty and wonderful 6-7 months old tabby kitten with bundles of energy. She was rescued by Cats Aid last year after living on the street with her two siblings. She was semi-feral when she first arrived but has now turned into such a friendly and playful little lass who loves chasing after toys and her fosterers’ toes under the duvet.

She follows her foster sibling cat around the place and loves winding her up by pouncing on her tail whenever she gets a chance so she would also do well with a little pal to keep her busy. She loves climbing up into hiding places and doing her claws on scratchers so a cat tree would be a good shout!

When Griff is not snoozing her head off she absolutely loves human company so if you are looking for a loving companion, she is the kitten for you!

Like most cats she will take a couple of days to settle into your home but will soon become your best friend, follow you around like a shadow and snuggle up to you on the sofa or under the duvet.

Griff is fully vaccinated and neutered and has her bags all packed.

Look at my little face!!