Meet Stevie! (Booked)

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Stevie is a very friendly and active kitten, he is a gorgeous ginger colour and aged about 8 months old. He will spend majority of the day following humans around the house and checking what they are doing. He likes to be included in all the activities. From day one he was ready to explore the new environment and will protest if closed in a separate room, while all the exciting things are happening in the other room.

Stevie will be the first one at the door when you are coming back home and will curiously look outside. He would like to explore his own garden, but is kept inside, as he is still crazy teenager and not ready to be let outside. He also doesn’t have any fear of strangers and will allow himself be picked up by any human in the house.

He was trying to make friends with the older resident cat, but she wasn’t delighted with the idea, so they came to an agreement how to co-exist. He is still trying to be friendly to her. Stevie is interested in playing and running around the house, and is full of energy, so he will need a lot of interaction with humans or another cat to play with, because he can become vocal when he is bored. His sister is Cilla and you can read about her here – Meet Cilla! | Catsaid

Stevie is not fussy about eating at all, and will try to eat portions from other cats. He comes fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped into his new home. He is also litter trained and ready to cuddle and play with his very own human.

Please email if you would like to enquire about this cat. Alternatively please ring us on 087 693 5100.