Meet Tilly!

Sunday, July 16th, 2023

Tilly just turned three years old in July 2023. She’s in perfect health aside from missing her leg, the only thing is she didn’t cope with surgery or anaesthesia well at all. So I don’t think she would do well should she require more surgeries in future if they were necessary.

Tilly is an absolute goofball. She’s so silly, funny and loves to play. She’s very affectionate and does like to have a snuggle, but generally is glued to the windows or doors watching outside. She’s quite shy with strangers, but once you play with her she’s completely won over. She’s a bit hesitant with strange men though. She LOVES my son.

Tillys whole world revolves around him. She used to walk with us to and from school every day and will go to bed with him at night and stay there until its my bed time. I imagine she will love other kids too. She never bites or scratches. She will play fight though, but in a way that she will pretend bite my sons feet or jump on his feet to get him to play chasing. She loves to play “hide and seek” with my son too. 

If you keen to adopt Tilly please note that she will need to be inside for at least 3 months, perhaps a new owner might build a catio for her.

If you are interested in adopting Tilly please contact us on

Ref – Emma