Meet Tiggie! Homed

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Tiggie is a charming six year old black and white male shorthair cat ready to steal your heart! Tiggie is the latest addition as he was recently rescued by Cats Aid after being reported as dumped, he was really scared and hungry when his rescuers got to him.

Despite his ordeal Tiggie is incredibly friendly and affectionate, yearning for someone to shower him with love. This sweet feline has mastered the art of making “biscuits” and will have you wrapped around his paw in no time with his soothing purrs.

Tiggie’s favorite pastimes include basking in the sun, relishing chin scratches, and indulging in tummy rubs. He’s a very quiet and easy-going cat, making him an ideal companion for those seeking a peaceful and undemanding friend.

Tiggie is adaptable and promises to bring joy to your home. With minimal grooming needs, a periodic brush is all he asks to keep his coat in top shape.

Neutered, wormed, and fully vaccinated Tiggie is all set to become the purr-fect addition to your family. Open your heart and home to this lovable feline, and you’ll discover a lifelong friend in Tiggie!

If you feel that you can offer this gorgeous lad a good home please can you email us on