Meet Gadget!

Monday, April 8th, 2024

Indoor Only Home Applicants Please

A two-year old tortie, Gadget has been fostered with Cats Aid since she was taken into our care as a kitten with her sibling. While initially somewhat nervous of humans, she has made great progress and now enjoys starting her day with plenty of pets and attention from her foster parents.

Gadget loves to play chase with the resident cats (she’s a speed demon!) and bird-watching is her go-to hobby – she can often be found perched at the back door keeping a close eye on the bird feeder and all activities in the garden. Gadget also enjoys hunting but her prey is limited to ants or small flying insects.

Her favourite treat is cheese, and her foster parents have learned to put all dairy products back in the fridge before she can discover them! Unusually, she likes opening plastic bags of all kinds (pumpkin seeds and bags of wood screws have been her favourite so far) and will happily go after any bag that’s left unattended. Future owners be warned 😊

She grows more confident every day, and will thrive in a quiet, indoor-only home with an experienced owner that is willing to give her the attention she enjoys, possibly with another cat that also enjoys chase and playtime.

Gadget is in perfect health, with microchip and vaccinations up to date, along with her blood tests – all she needs now is to find the right forever home! This forever home would need to be a quiet household with no children.

If you feel that you would like to adopt this gorgeous gal please email us at