Meet Boeing and Alcock!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

Boeing and Alcock are two bonded brothers who were originally rescues and are looking to be rehomed together due to changes in their owners’ circumstances.

They are just over 2 years old and have been neutered & chipped and have a clean bill of health.

They are currently indoor cats but are very curious! They occasionally pee outside of the litter box & may scratch at night. But their owners have worked towards addressing this by using feliway and increasing the number of litters in the house. Like many brothers do, they occasionally get into scraps but never stay angry at each other for very long and, after taking some time away from each other, come back loving each other. With enough environmental enrichment, the pair will do very well in a new home.

They are very easy going and friendly cats.

The orange is Boeing (shortened to Bo) and the orange and white is Alcock (changed to Al). 

If you feel that you have the right home for this lovely pair, please get in touch with Cats Aid today by emailing us at