Meet Rua & Dubh!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024

Rua and Dubh need a new home through no fault of their own.

Dubh is a lap cat. He loves to cuddle and kneed and curl up on my lap while his owners reads or watches a movie. His favourite place to fall asleep is tucked into someone even if they are strangers (although he can be quite skittish at first). He loves springs too and watching the bird channels lol he gets acne but I got a topical wash for that. 

Rua is an energetic adventure cat. He loves exploring and chasing things. I think he’d love to be an outdoor cat haha I do bring him to the park on a lead or out in his carrier and he loves it! Big fan of treats and lasers. He’s also very cuddly! 

They are brothers and I’ve had them since they were tiny kittens. They are just gone 1 year old. They are close but also do their own thing most of the time.  

They are up to date on vaccinations .

More info and pictures to follow soon.