Our Aims

Cats Aid is a Dublin based non-profit making organisation made up of volunteers who give up their time for cats.

The objectives of Cats Aid are:

  • To rescue, rehabilitate and find good homes for unwanted cats on the explicit understanding that no health-recoverable cat taken in by Cats Aid will be destroyed.
  • The establishment of a permanent shelter/sanctuary for cats.
  • The education of the general public in the care of cats with particular emphasis on the importance of spaying and neutering.
  • The promotion of the 5 freedoms of animals: Freedom from hunger and thirst; pain, injury & disease; discomfort; fear & distress & freedom to express normal behaviour


If you share these aims and would like to support us in this work then please download our (simple) Membership Form
You can choose to open the document and print it or save it to your own desktop.   Please send it with a donation.
(15 Euro is the suggested minimum and
6 Euro for Pensioners/unwaged/junior supporters) to:

Cats Aid, PO Box 2874, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4,  Ireland

We will send you our Newsletter, published 3 to 4 times a year and also advise you of any fundraising events.  The newsletter generally covers stories of cats who have been saved and housed with new owners.   Along with this are items of interest and news.