Our Team


Cats Aid is run by a committee; we call ourselves the Core Group.


We are all volunteers; some of us work full time in ‘real’ jobs – we have to pay the mortgage!  Some of us are retired but we are all busy people just like you who have to combine Cats Aid with many other commitments.  We hope to introduce ourselves and to tell you more about ourselves over the coming months.  Although we have a number of members and supporters who take an interest in our work, often people don’t realise that the day to day work is carried out by a very small number of volunteers.  We have very limited resources; therefore we can’t always provide the answers or ‘instant fixes’ that are requested (and often demanded).

We meet once a month to co-ordinate the intake and homing of the cats and to deal with the usual items that any committee deals with.  We are always under pressure and our meetings are sometimes ‘animated’ but we try to avoid behaving like alley cats!  We are a registered charity so we have to keep careful accounts which are professionally audited every year.  We are accountable for all monies received and we are also accountable for our cats.  We don’t have a central office or a sanctuary so all of the money we receive goes directly to benefit the cats.

Our main ongoing problems are lack of manpower and lack of homes for our cats. It is also a constant struggle to raise funds.  In spite of the support of many veterinary practices, for which we are very grateful, our bills for treatment and boarding are very high.