What we do

Rescue and Homing:

Our main work that we carry out is the rescue of cats in need.  We health check and rehabilitate and try to find homes for the many cats and kittens that come into our care.  Behind the figures and statistics there are stories – stories of neglect and cruelty, of defenceless cats struggling to survive and to raise their kittens. Sadly the stories don’t always have happy endings, which makes it all the more satisfying when they do.

Feral Colonies:

We also monitor feral colonies and we trap, neuter/spay and return cats to monitored colonies.  This often involves nights trying to coax reluctant cats into traps.  One generally gets just one chance to trap a feral cat; after that they learn to avoid the trap; this is so frustrating when one is waiting, cold, wet, and hungry!  We often meet people who want us to ‘get those vermin out of here now.’  We also encounter resistance from people who feel that what we do ‘interferes with nature.’  Our answer to that is that nature can be very cruel – a female kitten can have her first litter at only 4 or 5 months old and she can produce litter after litter after that.  Most of these kittens are born to die; often lingering, painful deaths.  Unneutered male cats can roam large territories, impregnating any females they encounter.  They are often injured in fights and their lives are generally short.  Animal rescue groups like Cats Aid are left attempting to ‘clean up the mess’ because people don’t neuter and spay their animals.

Help and Advice:

We assist people who request help for stray cats and we provide help and advice through our telephone Help Line and by email.  This website provides a facility for posting details of lost and found cats.  These stories sometimes end happily with the safe return of the cat, which is always good to hear; sadly some cats don’t make it home, in which case we offer sympathy and understanding.

Please help us to help the cats.