Meet Nash & Noodles!


We are Nash & Noodles are seven month old brothers looking for our forever home either together or separately. Our foster mammy says we are super sweet but we are very shy and require a new mammy that has lots of patience in a quiet home with no children or dogs maybe just a super chilled cat would be okay. As we are so shy we will bolt at sudden noises therefore we must have indoor home only.

Nash is black and white short haired and Noodles is black and white longhaired. Noodles will trust humans quicker and often sits on his foster mammys lap but he is not keen on being lifted up but does enjoy being brushed.

Nash is very shy and will hide away till he gains your trust but he can be picked up and will sit on your lap once trust is gained but it will take a little time.

Both boys are fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. They are fully litter trained. Both have their own funny characters and are living with their two foster sisters that we get along well with.

These boys will not be suitable for a busy home children or dogs and indoor only. If you would like to give these beauties their forever home contact catsaid by emailing us at



Meet Benny!

Benny is a very affectionate male cat now ready for adoption. He absolutely loves being groomed and petted. Benny also loves his food and is litter trained.

Benny is neutered and all set for a new home.

Meet Fussy!


My name is Fussy and I am a two year old long-haired female. I am fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and litter trained. I am very shy and will require an experienced and patient new owner. To be honest it was discovered I am not a fan of male humans so I would prefer a female  mammy.

As I am shy I will need to be kept in an indoor home only with no children and no other pets. I am a playful girl that loves to play fetch and play with scrunched up paper. I have great fun with the girls when I was initially living in a cattery.

When Cats Aid kindly took me in I had problems with my stomach  so I would like to stay on the same food which is Royal Canin sensible 33 dry and Whiskas in jelly (or Sheba in jelly) as my stomach is doing really well on this food.

If you would like to give me my forever home contact cats aid by emailing them on

Meet Loki & Goose!

This gorgeous pair are looking for a new home through no fault of their own. Goose (pictured below) is a ginger cat aged four and Loki (pictured above) is black and white and she is aged three.

They are both housecats only and have never been outside. They have no experience of meeting dogs in their current home. They both eat both wet and dry food.

Both are in good health. Their vaccinations are up to date and they are neutered.

If you feel that you can offer this gorgeous duo a good home please get in touch with Cats Aid today. You can email us on

Meet Gadget!

A two-year old tortie, Gadget has been fostered with Cats Aid since she was taken into our care as a kitten with her sibling. While initially somewhat nervous of humans, she has made great progress and now enjoys starting her day with plenty of pets and attention from her foster parents.

Gadget loves to play chase with the resident cats (she’s a speed demon!) and bird-watching is her go-to hobby – she can often be found perched at the back door keeping a close eye on the bird feeder and all activities in the garden. Gadget also enjoys hunting but her prey is limited to ants or small flying insects.

Her favourite treat is cheese, and her foster parents have learned to put all dairy products back in the fridge before she can discover them! Unusually, she likes opening plastic bags of all kinds (pumpkin seeds and bags of wood screws have been her favourite so far) and will happily go after any bag that’s left unattended. Future owners be warned 😊

She grows more confident every day, and will thrive in a quiet, indoor-only home with an experienced owner that is willing to give her the attention she enjoys, possibly with another cat that also enjoys chase and playtime.

Gadget is in perfect health, with microchip and vaccinations up to date, along with her blood tests – all she needs now is to find the right forever home! This forever home would need to be a quiet household with no children.

If you feel that you would like to adopt this gorgeous gal please email us at

Meet Isaac!

Indoor Only Home Applicants Please.

Hi, I’m Isaac! I am a very good-natured boy and I am aged around two years old. I was rescued by Cats Aid from a bad situation and was very nervous when I was first brought indoors but I have now blossomed into a gorgeous fella in my foster home.

I am still initially shy around strangers but once I get to know you I will come up to you for rubs and scritches and brushes, or just to sit on your lap. I get on very well with the other cats in my foster home, I am always playing with them or cuddling them.

I love watching the TV and I will come up and sit with my humans to watch whatever they’re watching. My foster mother is very jealous of my perfect winged eyeliner. I especially enjoy the company of other cats and I would love a home with other cats to play with.

I generally love my food and eat both wet and dry. I am also in tip top health. I am fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and my vaccines are all up to date.

If you are interested in adopting me please get in touch with Cats Aid via email to

Meet Gandolf!

Hello, my name is Gandolf and I am almost aged one year old. I was rescued last June along with my siblings. We were all shy at the start but have come on hugely since through lots of patience and playing games which I love with my foster parents.

I am now ready for a home of my own but I am still a bit unsure. However I do like having you within my eye-sight and if you are really calm I will let you rub my gorgeous belly.

I need a nice quiet home indoor home with no children and preferably with an owner who has homed a shy cat in the past.

I have been micro-chipped, neutered and I have all my vaccines. We are looking for the right person with a bit of shy cat experience to adopt me. If you think you are this person please email Cats Aid on

Seriously good looking!
The day I arrived in my current foster home!

Meet Tinkerbell! (Homed)

My name is Tinkerbell and I am an 8 month old female cat. I am neutered,  microchipped and fully vaccinated. My foster mam can confirm that I am an absolute sweetheart that just loves human attention.

The lucky person who gets to adopt me will need to be aware of the fact that I have lots of energy so they will need to give me loads of time and attention.

If you would like to offer me my forever home please contact Cats Aid by emailing us at

Meet Flokie! (Homed

My name is Flokie and I am a beautiful male cat. I am aged just over one year old. I am full of cuddles and love human attention.

I am fully vaccinated, micro-chipped neutered and litter trained.

If you would like to give me my forever home contact cats aid by emailing us on

Meet Riou! (Homed)

Riou is the most handsome 3-year old male cat ever! This adorable little boy has a lovely mix of white and ginger fur on the body. He also has a little ginger moustache on his adorable face making him the perfect gentle-kitty.

Once Riou is comfortable he will follow you everywhere around the house and will probably have his pink button nose in all your business. Riou is quite friendly and when he wants a little head rub he will do his signature pose where he lies on his back and looks at you with his paws in the air.

Riou needs a bit of stimulation everyday which is why an experienced cat owner with a spacious house would be ideal for him. He’s also not used to being around children.

Riou is up-to-date with his vaccinations and is neutered so he is all set to arrive at his forever home!

If you feel that you have the right home for Riou please get in touch with Cats Aid today via email to