Meet Ali! (Booked)

Ali is a six-month-old black and white short hair and is ready to find his forever home. He is in good health and has had his initial vaccines, has been neutered, and is microchipped. 

He has a distinctive black mark on the left side of his very cute nose, is a cuddle monster, he loves human attention. He’s also very playful and loves to chase a cat teaser. 

Ali and his brothers came to Cats Aid after their wild mother was spotted in a garden in Dundrum. She has since been neutered and returned to her garden where she is looked after by a collection of neighbours. 

If you feel that you have the right home for Ali please get in touch with Cats Aid today.

Meet Kevin! (Booked)

This gorgeous little cat is called Kevin. He is almost five months old now and there’s no doubt that he is very cute. Any worries melt away just by looking at his little face.

Kevin quickly got used to his new surroundings at his foster home and really enjoys exploring the house. He loves to play but he is also very gentle, always careful not to hurt anyone by accident.

Kevin is a very affectionate little cat and his purring can be heard down the road! He makes his foster parents laugh every evening when he takes off zooming around the house. He’s a total sweetheart. 

Kevin likes to join her foster mum on the yoga mat and has been showing her some new poses.  

Because he’s young and has never been around small children we feel that he would be best suited for a house with adults only. 

If you would like to adopt Kevin please get in touch today!

Meet Jack & Jill! (Booked!)

Jack & Jill are two adorable six month old kittens who have been happily fostered for over six weeks where they have come on in leaps and bounds. As a brother and sister Jill most certainly is the more confident kitten, while Jack is more coy and relaxed but equally a little joy to watch.

Both of them love pets all over, neck and back rubs with the purring each does you will be confident you are doing a good job.

Jill is mostly black with a bit of white. She has an obsession of walking between your feet so maybe not the best match for an older person.

Our favourite pastime!

Jack is a beautiful tabby and white. If you are finding it hard to find Jack, remember Jackie Chan and goes into Ninja mode and will have you guessing for hours.

Both kittens most certainly should stay together as the two assuringly will provide their new owner with countless moments of tenderness, love and affection.

They are both fully vaccinated and wormed and their bags are all packed!

If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous pair, please get in touch with Cats Aid today.

Meet Zachary & Zara! (Booked)

These adorable little cats were rescued by Cat’s Aid volunteers in early July as they had been in danger of being attacked by a fox when they were just eight-week-old kittens. They were a little nervous at first and not sure if they could trust people but now, they are full of adventure and fun.

Zara is a beautiful tabby and white, She is constantly on the move and loves to explore. She loves to have her head scratched and will curl up beside you and on you when it’s nap time.

Zachary is mostly black with a bit of white. He loves cuddles and attention and will cuddle with anyone, even the dog. He is missing a piece of his tail but that doesn’t bother him at all.

They are now just over six months old and are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. They would suit a quiet indoor only home as they are easily startled and may run away if they become scared. They are not used to small children so a home with older children would suit them better.

If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous pair please get in touch with Cats Aid today.

Meet Eddie & Elmo!(Booked)

Aren’t we just fab! Read all about us below………………
My name is Eddie!

So today we have two new male additions that are ready to go – Eddie is a gorgeous tabby and Elmo is a very handsome ginger. 

Eddie is a really gentle laid back little dude. He’s smart and playful and loves to cuddle up on your legs, on a blanket or on the bed. 

Elmo is a little bit more of a nervous kitty and will need a little more time to settle into his new home. He’s very playful and chatty, but he is still a small wee bit nervous of cuddles and pets. When he wants those cuddles, though, he will make himself heard and you better stop what you’re doing, clear your schedule, take a seat and enjoy the love and the endless purrs. 

Both boys are mad about their food (and their people’s food too) and games. They’re very social kitties and love playing and cuddling together. They also get on really well with other cats, but not with dogs. 

Whether adopted together or separately, The ideal home for these guys is a calm  one, preferably an adult only household or with older kids  (10 years and up) or teens, where they’ll receive a lot of love and attention. 

If you’re interested and think you can be their forever family, please get in touch with Cats Aid as their bags are all packed!

My name is Elmo!

Meet Eoin! (Booked)

Eoin is a very beautiful and sweet boy who is aged just over six months old. Eoin is very shy, a true scaredy cat around new people, and it has taken him over 5 weeks to settle and be comfortable in his foster home. While he feels safe with his foster mammy he is still nervous of any new humans.

He loves getting petted and is a very chatty kitty and like all kittens he loves to play, he especially likes rolling a ball around the floor.

Eoin will need a quiet home with one or two adults and an indoor home would be best for him. Eoin gets along fine with other cats if they accept him. He has had no exposure to dogs or children in his short life so far.

Eoin will need a patient, experienced and understanding human to love him and let him come out of his shell in his own time. Once you win him over he will give you a lot of affection and joy. 

Eoin is wormed, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped so he’s all set!

Eoin eats various wet food pouches as well as Hill’s dry food and is not a fussy eater.

If you’d like more information about this handsome kitty and would like to offer him a nice home please contact our homing people on

Meet Alice & Sheila! (Booked)

These two gorgeous female sibling kittens are a recent addition to the Cats Aid family. They are about 10 weeks old now and are very sweet and friendly.

They are doing great in their foster home and have recently had their first vaccine plus they have been wormed and d-fleaed. They have seen a nice quiet dog and young children and were okay with them.

Sheila is a bit smaller than Alice and is very curious and playful. While Alice is the bigger kitten of the pair she is a little bit shyer. Both can be picked up and they play all day together.

Please get in touch with Cats Aid if you are interested in adopting this gorgeous pair, they will be homed together as they depend on each other.

Meet Gabby! (Booked)

Gabby is a three year old cuddle bug with a huge heart. If she could stay in someone’s lap all day, she would! When she’s not sunbathing, she loves to play at hunting and chase bell balls and feathers on strings. She gets on with kids but would prefer a household with older children or adults. She will need to go to a home where she will be kept indoors. 

Gabby is in great health and is spayed, but not microchipped. Her vaccinations are also up to date.

If you can offer this gorgeous gal a good indoor only home please get in touch with Cats Aid today.

Meet Ali, Taylor & Tyson!

These three handsome boys came to Cats Aid after their wild mother was spotted in a garden in Dundrum. She has since been neutered and returned to her garden where she is looked after by a collection of neighbours. 

All three boys, black and white short hairs, are coming up to six months old and are ready to find their forever homes. They are all in good health and spend their days chasing and wrestling with each other. They have had their initial vaccines, been neutered and microchipped. 

Ali, who has a distinctive black mark on the left side of his very cute nose, is a cuddle monster, he loves human attention. He’s also very playful and loves to chase a cat teaser. 

Taylor is mostly white, with just a small grey cap and tail. He also enjoys rubs and affection but won’t demand quite as many as Ali. Taylor is very inquisitive and loves being challenged, his favorite toy is the ball track. 

Tyson is the shyest of the gang and will need a little more patience when he’s settling into his new home. He has a beautiful grey topside and white belly. He likes to see his human and what’s happening but will stay at a distance until he feels comfortable. Tyson enjoys climbing and racing up and down his cat tree day and the stairs. 

All three of the boys have fine, big appetites. They enjoy any and all wet kitten foods and love treats of chicken or turkey (I almost lost my finger to their enthusiasm for chicken, so be warned!)

Our pics below each of them when they were rescued, they have since grown a bit but are still as cute!

If you would like to adopt any of this gorgeous little family please get in touch with Cats Aid today. You can email us on to make an enquiry about them.

Meet Fog & Frank! (Booked)

We are two brothers who were rescued from the wild in early August. Our mum was also rescued, neutered and released back and is being looked after. We are about 12 weeks old. We were very scared when we first came to our foster home. Every time we saw a human we ran back into our kitten carrier but bit by bit we started to become more and more friendly. Now we have completely settled into our foster home and have learned to trust humans. We love to be cuddled and to be petted. We have had our first vaccination at the vets (where we were very calm and well behaved!) and are due to get our second one later in September. We’ve had our first round of worming and will get a flea treatment from the vet at the same time as our 2nd vaccination. There are no other pets in our foster home so we don’t know how we’d get on with other animals. We eat mostly Whiskas Kitten wet food in jelly at the moment but recently have started to eat some Whiskas Kitten dry food as well. We absolutely adore cooked chicken for a little treat and hand feeding us this is how our foster family won our trust initially. We appreciate the careful handling and petting we get from the older children (10 & 12) in our foster home.

Hi I am fog and don’t you love my long whiskers. I am the bravest of the two of us and I was the first one to overcome my fear of humans. I love being snuggled. I have a gentle personality but also love to have fun with toys and to chase my brother around the place. I get very excited when it’s food time and am very impatient to get eating! I often snuggle up with my brother and we are rarely apart. I have just found my voice and it’s very cute to hear me miaow for food when it’s dinner time!

Hi, I am Frank and I’m the smallest of the two of us and unlike my brother am almost all black. I also really enjoy being cuddled and petted and will start to purr once you touch me. Sometimes I like to sleep alone and sometimes I snuggle up with my brother Fog. I don’t eat as quickly as my brother so my foster family feed me separately to give me plenty of time to finish and so that my brother doesn’t come and steal my food!  I love to play chasing with cat toys and with my brother and am very good at leaping up to great heights!  I would be happy to go to a new home by myself. 

If you can offer a home to us either separately or together please get in touch with Cats Aid today, we have our bags all packed and ready to go xxx