Meet Tinkerbell! (Homed)

My name is Tinkerbell and I am an 8 month old female cat. I am neutered,  microchipped and fully vaccinated. My foster mam can confirm that I am an absolute sweetheart that just loves human attention.

The lucky person who gets to adopt me will need to be aware of the fact that I have lots of energy so they will need to give me loads of time and attention.

If you would like to offer me my forever home please contact Cats Aid by emailing us at

Meet Flokie! (Homed

My name is Flokie and I am a beautiful male cat. I am aged just over one year old. I am full of cuddles and love human attention.

I am fully vaccinated, micro-chipped neutered and litter trained.

If you would like to give me my forever home contact cats aid by emailing us on

Meet Riou! (Homed)

Riou is the most handsome 3-year old male cat ever! This adorable little boy has a lovely mix of white and ginger fur on the body. He also has a little ginger moustache on his adorable face making him the perfect gentle-kitty.

Once Riou is comfortable he will follow you everywhere around the house and will probably have his pink button nose in all your business. Riou is quite friendly and when he wants a little head rub he will do his signature pose where he lies on his back and looks at you with his paws in the air.

Riou needs a bit of stimulation everyday which is why an experienced cat owner with a spacious house would be ideal for him. He’s also not used to being around children.

Riou is up-to-date with his vaccinations and is neutered so he is all set to arrive at his forever home!

If you feel that you have the right home for Riou please get in touch with Cats Aid today via email to

Meet Barbara! (Homed)

My name is Barbara. I am approximately eleven months old. I am neutered, fully vaccinated and litter trained. I can be a little shy when I first meet you but when I relax I love being petted and playing with my toys.

I would be best suited to adult home or older children.

If you would like to adopt me please reach out to Cats Aid via email to

Meet Bobby & Bear! (Homed)

These two gorgeous siblings are aged about three months old and have blossomed into two playful, confident little kittens. 

Bear is female and has a gorgeous soft fluffy black coat. She loves chasing her brother Bobby and playing football. She was the most shy kitten of the litter but has come out of her shell and is now a playfully little purrball.


Bobby is a very handsome and confident boy with a white and black coat, stunning blue-green eyes and a little heart shaped black nose (or if you look really close it looks like Mickey Mouse). He loves chilling out and getting head scritches when he’s not zooming around with Bear.

They are super playful and a joy to be around and will bring lots of happiness and laughter to their new family. They have been around other cats and children over 8.


Bobby & Bear have both been health checked, dewormed and have been vaccinated. They will need to be spayed/neutered at 5-6 months. 

We are keen to home them together. If you are interested in adopting them please email us today at

Have a look at them below if you can cope with cuteness overload!

Meet Nora! (Homed)

Meet Nora the Cuddler! Nora is a gorgeous golden-black tabby cat aged about 3 years old according to the vets. She is looking for a forever home in an indoors only setting. Nora came into us just before Christmas when we got a call about her from a concerned person who was looking out for her and feeding her.

This little tabby is quite intelligent, agile and loves to play with the tiny things and toys. She will instantly start purring when given gentle head rubs and loves being petted. She’ll climb up your lap to make your day brighter and might even try to hijack your laptop if not given enough attention 🙂

Nora is fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped and has her bags all packed. To lodge your interest please reach out to Cats Aid via email to

Meet Oliver! (Homed)

Look at this gorgeous fella……

Oliver is a male cat aged about one year old. He is neutered and vaccinated. He is also super friendly.

If you feel that you can offer Oliver a good home please get in touch with Cats Aid today by emailing

More info to follow soon.

Meet Nero & Nox! (Homed)

Meet Nero and Nox, these gorgeous lads are now five months old and are the sweetest little brothers you could imagine. They come from a litter of five babies that were rescued from a bad situation and living outdoors last November during really awful weather. Their three other siblings will join them here soon in search of a new forever home.

They are not yet neutered due to their young age but they are fully vaccinated and their worming schedule is up to date.

As you can see from their pics they are very good looking kitties with the added bonus of being super friendly too.

Please email cats aid today they seem like the right fit for you. 

Meet Andy & Woody! (Booked)

This gorgeous new duo are brothers, they are aged about 2.5 years old. They are both fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped and all set for a new home.

Andys colouring is black and white while Woodie is almost fully black.

They are very sweet together so we are trying to home them together if possible but will consider separating them too. They are super friendly but will need a bit of time to adjust in a new home.

Their bags are all packed so if you feel that you could offer a home to either one of them or both of them please get in touch with Cats Aid today via email to

Meet Tiggie! Homed

Tiggie is a charming six year old black and white male shorthair cat ready to steal your heart! Tiggie is the latest addition as he was recently rescued by Cats Aid after being reported as dumped, he was really scared and hungry when his rescuers got to him.

Despite his ordeal Tiggie is incredibly friendly and affectionate, yearning for someone to shower him with love. This sweet feline has mastered the art of making “biscuits” and will have you wrapped around his paw in no time with his soothing purrs.

Tiggie’s favorite pastimes include basking in the sun, relishing chin scratches, and indulging in tummy rubs. He’s a very quiet and easy-going cat, making him an ideal companion for those seeking a peaceful and undemanding friend.

Tiggie is adaptable and promises to bring joy to your home. With minimal grooming needs, a periodic brush is all he asks to keep his coat in top shape.

Neutered, wormed, and fully vaccinated Tiggie is all set to become the purr-fect addition to your family. Open your heart and home to this lovable feline, and you’ll discover a lifelong friend in Tiggie!

If you feel that you can offer this gorgeous lad a good home please can you email us on