Lost and Found Cats

Please take a moment to read the following notices, your help in tracing any of these lost or found cats is very much appreciated. If you have lost or found a cat & would like to include your notice here,* please email us at catsaid@gmail.com

Orion is missing from Raheny! Sadly found deceased.


I  was hoping that you could help advertise my missing cat. His name is Orion like the constellation. He is almost 2years old, neutered and micro chipped Male, he went missing from Ennafort Road, Raheny around Wednesday 22nd of July. He is practically mute, with a very faint cry he rarely uses his voice. He is generally very skittish of strangers and loud noises, He hates the rain and I suspect that he is trapped in someone’s shed or garage its happened before as hes an extremely curious cat.
Telephone number 0857172510. 

Catty is missing from Friarstown,Grange,Co.Limerick


Can you help my family find our much loved missing cat.She is missing from Friarstown, Grange, Co. Limerick, since 17/07/2020, just after. 2:30.
She is sadly missed by my family and I.She is a loving cat, but weary of strangers.
Please can you help us find her.Contact number 0863781431 

Black & White Female Cat Found in Bray, July 22nd


I found a cat on the side of the road in Bray, Wicklow. She was hit by a car and brought her to the emergency vets She is home with me now and is all okay. She is not micro chipped and has no collar. She is black and white . She is super friendly and looking for her owners .
My phone number is 087 754 7885

Sir Pounce The Tabby Is Missing from Killiney Since Thursday 9th July


He’s a 6 year old brown and black tabby, neutered and chipped. Missing from Killiney since Thursday 9th July. He’s a bit of a rambler and can go for days at a time but he’s never been gone this long before so starting to get quite worried about him
My phone number is 085 728 6900 if you get any word at all.

Leni Is Missing Since July 12th from Manor Grove Green in Dublin(**Home Safely**)


Leni hasn’t come home since Sunday 12/July.

She’s a thin tri-color cat, with muted orange and black.

2 years old, friendly, playful and independent.

She is spayed and micro-chipped

Last seen in the Manor Grove green near the bridge.

Black Kitten Missing from Applewood, Swords since July 14th


My cat is missing since the morning of 14th July 2020. It is a 10 week old full black kitty, with a little white spot under his chin. He went missing from
Applewood area in Swords, Co.Dublin. He is very friendly.

The contact number is 085 8267 062.

Daisy Is Missing from Clogher Road/Sundrive Park Since Friday July 10th


My one year old female tabby Daisy Lacey has been missing from the Clogher Road/ Sundrive Park area since Friday 10th July. She doesn’t wear a collar but is microchipped. She’s nervous and shy of people. 

Please phone 086 3711 590

Hairby Is Missing From Ballyfermot Since July 6th


Hairby is a male cat. He has been missing since Monday evening, 6th July, from Lower Ballyfermot, Dublin 10. 

below). His left eye is grey and clouded over from a previous injury. He is 14 years old. Neutered, but not chipped and no collar.

You can contact me at 085 1493970 if you see him. 

Male White Cat Missing from Palmerstown Since July 4th


A one year old cat, chipped and neutered is missing. His name is Kitkat. He’s very friendly and this is unusual for him to wander off.

He’s from Manor Road Palmerstown D.20.

The contact number for any sightings is 083 0024 307 

Kiki Is Missing From Clontarf Road Since June 28th


This is Kiki, she’s a one year old female who is not micro-chipped and is quite shy and nervous. She is a much loved family pet and has a white collar and tag on her.

She is an indoor cat that escaped last night June 27th from the Clontarf Road area, near Manresa.

If you have any info please call 087 9582347/ 01 5378728

Black Male Cat Found In June in Balrothery Estate Tallaght June 20th


Male cat found in Balrothery  Estate Tallaght  Contact number 085 749 1293.

Found Tri-Coloured Cat Near Cabinteely on 20th June


Cat found near Brennanstown Stud, Cabinteely on 20/06/20.
She is a friendly, neutered, five year old. Not chipped.
Please contact Ark Vet, Foxrock (01 2895335).

Kuma Is Missing From Clarehall Estate Since June 19th


This is Kuma, she’s a one year old female who is micro-chipped and neutered and is quite shy and nervous.

She is an indoor cat that escaped last night June 19th in the Clarehall estate area, Dublin 13.

If you have any info please call 085 1617742/ 086 1054626

Sylvester Is Missing Since June 19th from Clonsilla


Our cat Sylvester is missing since Friday evening, 19th June 2020 from Lohunda Grove, Clonsilla.

He is a black and white cat with white moustache, black goatee and white socks on all his paws.

He is micro-chipped but doesn’t wear a collar. He needs his daily medication.

If you have seen him, please contact 089 424 9443 or 087 127 2773.

Female Tabby Missing from Dun Laoghaire Since Saturday June 6th


A six year old much loved female tabby missing from Dun Laoghaire since Saturday 6th June. She is spayed and micro chipped.

Distinctive Features Include:

  • She is not wearing a collar
  • Spotted back and belly – stripes only on legs/tail/face
  • White chin – no white anywhere else
  • Green eyes
  • Very friendly and affectionate

If you think you have seen her please call or text: 085 762 4643 

Mikki Is Missing from Deansgrange Area since June 10th


Small female black cat with white on chest missing Deansgrange Area.

Aged about 6 years old.

Phone Number: 085 801 9592

Cat Missing from Clontarf Since June 10th


Cat missing in Clontarf (Chelsea gardens/Seafield Road ) since 10th June Wednesday.

Mixed colours. 18yrs old female.

Any information 087 216 4310

Tinker (aged 16) is Missing from Bohernabreena, D.24 since June 8th


Our lovely cat is missing since June 8th from Bohernabreena, Dublin 24.

His name is tinker, he is 16, grey and white, and has a missing ear (surgically removed due to skin cancer).

If you see him please contact me on 087 1511 407

Bagpuss Is Missing From Cabra West Since June 3rd


Bagpuss is missing from Cabra West Dublin 7 since 3rd of June. She is chipped but not collared. She is a Short Haired Exotic and very friendly and vocal. She has a very distinctive flat face and brown eyes.

She has never been gone for more than two hours before and we are heartbroken without her.

Please contact me if you see her on 083 3720 917

Baloo Is Missing from Bray since 28th May (Home Safe)


Our cat Baloo went missing from Bray Co.Wicklow on Thursday evening, last seen around 5pm. She has a very distinctive white triangle on her nose. She’s a big pet and very friendly, and it’s unlike her to wander.

She’s microchipped and spayed and 2 years old. She’s also a big fan of vans so we’re afraid in case she hopped in one, so she could be anywhere.

Please contact me on 086 8777 698

Siamese Missing from Bray since Friday 29th May


Ollie our beloved Siamese type, neutered male and micro-chipped cat has been missing since Friday 29th May. 

Please contact me if anyone has seen him – 086 1730364.

Ginkgo Is Missing from Drimnagh since May 15th


My cat Ginkgo has been missing since the 15th of May from the Drimnagh area of Dublin, which is very new to her.

She is a ginger and white female cat, spayed, around 7 years old, she is chipped but does not wear a collar.

My number is 0868951858

Missing from Crookstown, Co. Kildare since May 16th


My cat is missing since 16th May from Crookstown area, Co Kildare.  He’s roughly 1 years old, Male, neutered, left ear tipped but not microchipped.

He’s really friendly but very timid and will bolt if approached too quickly.

His name is Ronaldo but also answers to Little Man or Little Pal.

Please call 0838360389 or 0851305406 if you see him.

Kitten Found Enfield at the end of May 20


Kitten found in Ballinderrin, Enfield, Co.Meath. 

Playful kitten meowing constantly for its family.

If you know anything please email catsaid@gmail.com

MaineCoon Missing from Naas Since May 20th


Missing, spooked in the Monread area of Naas Co Kildare since May 20th. please check your backgarden.

Large fluffy grey tabby mainecoon. Spayed. chipped.

Please text or call 087 6874764 if you spot her or have an information.

Large Grey Tabby – Big Bushy Tail Chipped – Got Spooked 20/5
Gleann na Riogh – Monread area
Call 0876874764

Cat Missing from Balgriffin Since May 10th


My cat went missing on May 10th from Parkside Balgriffin area. If anyone sees him I can be reached on 089 611 9194. He’s a small cat and he wasnt wearing a collar.

Teddy Is Missing from Ballycullen, D.24 since May 6th


Our little black cat Teddy hasn’t been since Wednesday 6th May in Ballycullen D24.

He’s only 9 months old and was wearing a blue and white tartan collar with his name and my telephone number written on the inside of it.

If you see Teddy please contact me on 087 9979 188

Female Tabby Missing from Palmerstown, Dublin, since May 17th


My cat has been missing since the 17/5/20 from Palmerstown, Dublin.
She is a tabby female cat. She is 1 year old. She is neutered and microchipped with no collar.
She could possibly be lost around Palmerstown/Ballyfermot/Lucan. 
She went missing in the evening and never came home with her brother. This is very unlike her because she is never gone for long and always comes home every single night. We are extremely worried. 
If anyone thinks they have seen/found her please try to take a picture if possible and call/text me – 0858350358 / 0861046904 

Heidi (Tabby) is Missing from Terenure Since May 8th.


Our kitten Heidi is gone missing over a week now. ( from Terenure area). She is 9 month old kitten female. Tabby cat with a bit of ginger in her. Micro-chipped.

BK Is Missing from Fortfield Road Since May 8th.


Our beautiful boy is missing, his name is Bad Kitty and will also answer to BK. He’s jet black with a few white hairs on his tummy. He’s very nervous around strangers and is likely to bolt if approached too quickly. He went missing 6th May on Fortfield Road.

Please contact either of the following numbers if you spot him –
086 089 4715  or 087 666 6641 

Misty (Tortiseshell) Is Missing from Terenure since April 26th


Misty is missing from Wasdale Park, Bushy Park Rd, Terenure since Sunday 26 April 2020.

She is neutered & micro-chipped. 

She was wearing 2 collars (one grey/pink which has a disc with her name & our phone number on it & the other black with the pet containment device on it….). 

Misty is a friendly tortoiseshell cat with VERY distinctive colouring..

We would really appreciate if you all  could all keep an eye out for her when you are out & about. 

If seen, please take a photograph of her (if possible) & contact 085 2159373 or 086 600 4059.

Cat Found In Inchicore, Dublin in May.


This little cat has been hanging around our garden in Jamestown Avenue Inchicore for a few days. Seems to be very friendly but he’s meowing in at the window at us and seems to be lost.  Phone 085 115 1430  

Dobby Is Missing from Mount Merrion, Dublin since May 3rd.


My cat Dobby escaped outside onto Wilson road in Mount Merrion.

I’ll really appreciate if you could contact me if you see my cat, my number is 083 835 2022.

Tabby Found In Tallaght, April 30th.


We found this guy (gender unknown) hungry and looking for attention and somewhere indoors in the Ballycullen / Oldcourt part of Tallaght. The cat has been around for a few days and we and some neighbours have seen the cat on walks.

The cat is social and vocal at times with the occasional love nibble. Very very fond of food.

Seems in great health, good coat and no really distinguishing marks except a nick out of the right ear.

If this is your cat or you know where he lives please contact me on the phone number below.

With thanks

Cat is Missing from Cian Lea Swords since April 12th


My cat (his name is Cat!) has been missing since April 12th from cian lea in Swords. He is 5 years old, neutered and microchipped. No collar on and he is quite small and would be wary of strangers.

It is very unusual for him to be away for so long.

If you see him please contact 087 974 6063

Tux is Missing from Rathnew, Co Wicklow, since April 14th


Tux: missing from Rathnew, Co. Wicklow since April 14thTux, our black short-haired cat has been missing since Tuesday April 14th from Saunders Lane, Rathnew, Co. Wicklow.

He is male, neutered and microchipped – 2 years old, long legged but not bulky and has a small patch of white fur on his chest.

Any information at all, please contact Wicklow Veterinary Clinic on


Bowe Is Missing from Sandymount since Friday April 10th (*Great News – Bowe is home safe*)


Bowe has been missing from Bath Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin since Friday 10th April. She is about 9 months old and is microchipped. No collar. She has a tuft of white fur on her chest.
Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

087 906 1756

Kiki Is Missing from Co. Tipp since April 7th


Kiki is missing since Tuesday night 7th of April from Athasselabbey, Golden, Co. Tipperary


Young cat


Anxious but friendly once trust is gained


White & tabby coloured


Missing her right eye

She is a nervous little cat & very vulnerable. Normally she lives with me in my small apartment in Limerick but we have relocated to the countryside for the duration of the virus. She is not used to the outdoors & is unwise to the dangers.


Please can everyone share particularly in the Tipperary area. I am very worried about her. My heart is broken.

Contact either myself on 086 030 4164 or Anne on 087 273 3120

Moliere is Missing From Hartstown, Dublin since April 8th(Update – home safe)


My black long haired cat Moliere has been missing since 08.4.2020 about nine pm from Hartstown Dublin Willow Wood area. He is male, neutered and microchipped no collar.

Please contact me via email on <m_elenaplacido@hotmail.com> if you see my cat.