Lost and Found Cats

Please take a moment to read the following notices, your help in tracing any of these lost or found cats is very much appreciated. If you have lost or found a cat & would like to include your notice here,* please email us at catsaid@gmail.com

Monty is Missing!


Amber is Missing since January 6th from Crumlin Village.


My cat Amber has been missing since early Sunday morning Saturday 6th from Crumlin Village. I have tried EVERYTHING. I even hired a pet detective. He concluded she is nowhere in our area. She is spayed and micro-chipped. Please contact me asap if you see her on

085 7350464 Or 014 558860


Mambo is Missing from Delgany since January 14th


Our cat Mambo has gone missing. Mambo is a large black Tom (about 16 inches from his nose to his bum) with no other colouring. He’s exceptionally friendly with people. Last seen Monday 14/01/19 morning wearing a red collar, and he isn’t neutered. Usually roams around the grove bar area in Delgany. If people could please check their sheds and gardens in case he is locked in or trapped. Any information or sightings would be massively appreciated.

If hes found please contact me on 087 150 9010.

Missing from Portumna.


Missing since Thursday evening the 10th January from Attigar Portumna

Very friendly cat
Ginger tabby cat with light cream going through his tail.
Neutered and vaccinated.
Sadly missed
Checked fields, sheds and my neighbours and no sign of him.
Lisa 083 85 91152

Black Cat Found In January in Blackpitts, Dublin 8.


I found a stray black cat with a white chin is Blackpitts, Dublin 8.  He is a neutered male, very, very friendly but not micro chipped. He is small and quite underweight.

If you think you know this cat please get in touch.

Phone Number: 0861030732

Missing since Halloween from Knocklyon Dublin 16

Cat missing from Knocklyon Dublin 16 since around Halloween.
She is female chipped about 8 year old .
She has no collar and her name is poppy.
John 0872680066

Ginger Tabby Missing from the Navan Road Since Jan 2nd


Ginger Tabby Cat missing from the Navan Road area, Dublin 7 since 2/1/2019.

Male, neutered and microchipped. Aged 7 years.

Please call 085  153 1111


Missy is missing from Raheny since Jan 2nd **Home safely**

My friends cat has gone missing since Wednesday from either All Saints Rd Raheny where they used to live or her new home.. Limewood Court Raheny.   They moved home recently so not sure if she is trying to find her way back.   Her brother is safe at home and missing her.
Her Name is Missy, she is 2 years old.  If you find her, my friends number is 085 2118641 or you can contact me on
089 4804458

Mia the Tabby is missing from Clonliffe Road since New Years Eve


My little mackerel tabby, Mia was last seen in Drumcondra on New Years Eve, around the Croke Park / Clonliffe Road area. She may have lost her collar but if not she’ll have a very noticeable red name tag. She is quite small but very friendly. If you see her please contact me on

083 4564350

Bengal Cat Called Dakota is missing from Bree, Co Wexford. **Home safe and sound!**

Dakota, a Bengal cat, has been missing from the Bree area, near Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford since Christmas Eve.
He is a 100% indoor cat and his family are very worried about him.
A reward is offered for his safe return.
If anybody has any information about this cat please phone Bernie on 087 2390 566.

Ralph is Missing Since 23rd December

Ralph is a black and white cat aged about ten months.
He is missing since the morning of the 23rd December from his Bayside Walk Home.
Ralph is micro-chipped and recently lost his collar.
Please contact us with any information – 087 775 8707

Missing Ginger Cat from Seatown Swords since December 28th (No Longer Missing)

This chap is missing since the 28th December from Seatown in Swords.
Please contact me on the number below if you spot him.

Male Tabby Kitten Missing from Old Bawn since Dec 26th

Missing from the Old Bawn area since Wed. 26th December. He is a 9 month old, neutered male (much bigger than his photo). Tabby coat with a white muzzle, paws & belly.  He is wearing a collar & is microchipped.
Contact Jourdan 087 9476201

Beautiful Friendly Black Cat for Re-homing – Dec 18


During the summer this year a beautiful young black female arrived in our back garden in Ballyfermot, befriended us and has been around ever since; we have been feeding her and during the bad weather we allowed her to shelter in our shed but the problem we have is we have an 8 year old male indoor cat who is very sensitive and set in his ways but since the arrival of the black cat our cat has been having problems and has generally not been himself.
She is a beautiful, friendly cat with a great personality and we would very much like to keep her but this will not be possible.
I would however like to know the black cat is going to a loving home where she will be happy and cared for.
I was in a position to scan her for a microchip but none was found.

If you are in a position to offer this gorgeous gal a home please phone 086 8911 735

Disclaimer –
‘Cats’ Aid does not accept responsibility for this cat.’

Ronaldo is missing from Dunboyne since November


Ronaldo is around 3 years old, with distinctive black & white markings on his face-his black tail has a small white tip at the end. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Very lively and friendly. He is missing in Dunboyne since early November. 

Please contact (086) 8110971 with any information.

Lily is missing from Killiney Co Dublin since 20th Dec

Out pet rag doll Lily has been missing for the last couple of days from Killiney, Co. Dublin.
We cannot find a recent picture but here is a picture we found online that looks very like Lily. She is 7 years old.
Mark 086 2418605
Dee 086 8098166

Tortie Cat Found Straying in Marino, Fairview.



For the last few weeks a tortie female cat has been following me and being very vocal and affectionate with me. She has been trying to get into my apartment and this evening I let her as she seems very distressed when I tried to walk away, running after me and mewling. I don’t know if she is lost but I think she might be.

I thought she was a feral because she has a notch in her ear indicating she has been caught and spayed. It seems  recent as the scab is only nearly coming off now. She is a bit dirty and has fleas but doesn’t seem malnourished although that might be because there are quite a few feral cats in the area and some of the locals leave out food for them.  She is rather nervous about noises but very clingy and affectionate towards me which is why I wonder if she might be someone’s pet that was accidentally caught and spayed? She has been wandering around Clontarf, Marino, Fairview area.
My number is 089 496 8145.

Boby is missing from Kilderry, Limerick since Nov 16th


Boby is a long haired marmalade male cat (neutered) missing from Kilderry, Co. Limerick since November 16th. There have been a couple of sightings of what could be him in a nearby area but we have been unable to track him down.

Here is the number to call if anyone has any information – 087 9750230.


Loki is missing from Holywell Estate Dundrum – December 18


This is Loki (5 months old) who has been missing from Holywell Estate Dundrum Dublin 14 since Sun 9th December at 9pm. He is fully black with no markings, no collar, he is microchipped and neutered. He is such a friendly little fella and loves human contact. My kids are absolutely heartbroken he is missing. Please contact Tara with any info on 0862754788.

Small White Cat Found in Knocklyon – December 18


A white cat has been found in Knocklyon Dublin 16 last week.

Contact phone No. 0876369350


Millie is Missing from Portlaoise since 16th November


Millie is a white female aged one year old. She is a house cat missing from Portlaoise since 16th November.
My number is 0879708371 if you spot her.

Archie is Missing from Crumlin since 27th November


Archie is black and white short hair domestic cat. He went missing in Crumlin Dublin Tuesday 27th November at 9.30pm.

My name is Dee Maguire and my phone number is 086 0862482.  Please contact me if you spot him. Below are some pics.


Peppy is missing from Palmerstown since 18th November


Peppy has been missing since the 18th of November, she is about a 3 or 4-year-old female cat. She’s black and white and has a sort of white ring around the end of her tail. She is neutered but unfortunately not micro-  chipped and does not wear collars. She is missing from Palmerstown, Dublin 20. We are very worried about her and miss her so much.

Please contact me at 0858350358 or 01 4409154





Missing from Swords, Co Dublin since Mid November 18



Slash is 2 yrs old; A friendly Tom cat with green eyes and a tiny patch of little white hairs in a spot in his chest.
Slash is missing from Commons East off Feltrim Rd, Swords. He’s gone a few days and his family are very worried about him.
If anybody has any information about Slash please phone Corina on 087 6803020.

Missing from Kilpeddar since Nov 11th


My cat has been missing in the willow grove / Kilpedder area of Wicklow since Sunday Nov 11th.
Her name is Smudge and she’s microchipped.
We relocated from London in early October so it’s possible she’s disoriented and got lost.
If you see her please phone me

Bridget 085 7534 561


Missing from Wexford since Nov 4th


My cat has been missing from Duncannon Village, Wexford since 4th November.  She is grey, female, spayed, 3 years old and wearing a red collar.  It’s unlike her to go missing as she prefers to be inside. She is missed terribly.  If you have seen her recently or have any info, please contact me – 085 1558955.


Tilly is missing from Crumlin since early November

Tilly is a tabby and white cat who is missing since Saturday November 3rd in the Rathdrum rd area of Crumlin.
She is 2 years old, neutered, no collar but is micro chipped.
She is very friendly but likely to be spooked at this stage.
We have left flyers into local houses and my feeling is that she has not gone very far as she usually avoids the road.
If you spot her please let me know on 087 9388367

Jones is Missing from Sandymount since Oct 18


Jones is a 1 year old Siamese who disappeared once before but returned, found hiding in a nearby bush four days later. She’s now gone two and a half weeks and we are very concerned. Please see her photo below.

Jonesy is a 1 year old very timid Siamese. She went missing from St John’s Road in Sandymount on the evening of Friday 19th October. Jonesy is unlikely to let anyone approach her, but if you have seen her, please let us know on 087 2479592 or 086 8041641. She is microchipped and neutered.


Female Ragdoll Missing from Clontarf – Nov 18

My best friend’s family cat has been missing over a week now and they’re pretty desperate to find her.
Below are all of the details including contact information of the owners.
Cat’s Name: Teddy
Age: 2.5 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Ragdoll
Where: Clontarf, Dublin (specifically Kincora Road)
When: Since October 27th (likely spooked by firework)
Description: White and Cream coat, Black face and Blue eyes.
Owner’s name: Jake
Phone: 0867918158

Missing Since Haloween in Dun Laoghaire

Lost from Dun Laoghaire area, Charlemont Ave, on Haloween afternoon, 31st Oct. Male, not neutered, no collar, very friendly.
Name: Winston, approx 3 months old. Picture attached is when he was a month old.

Aisling Foley


Frankie is missing from Dublin 3 – Oct 18


Our sweet boy is still missing in the Dublin 3 area.

3 year old Frankie – all grey cat with golden/green eyes.

He got spooked by foot traffic on his first day out of his new house, most likely went into hiding but doesn’t know where his new house his.

He may still be hiding or trapped in or under sheds, please check if you’re in the area. Or someone may be feeding him.

We have put up posters, gone door to door and physically searched areas he may have gone to. We are extremely worried about him .
If you see him please contact us on 086 3120069 or 087 2334372.

Odin Is Missing in The Burren – Oct 18


My cat has been missing from home since October 21st. He is a black and white tuxedo cat with one eye (he was a rescue cat and so was kept indoors). His name is Odin, he’s 4 years old, he is neutered but he isn’t micro-chipped.

We live in the Burren on the border between Clare and Galway, near to the Burren Yoga Centre. He’s a timid cat when he’s outdoors, so wouldn’t be easily caught. Besides that, he is extremely friendly. If anybody has any information about Odin please phone 087 170 1339 or email sarahquickart@gmail.com


Black Cat found in Sandyford – Oct 18


A mainly black cat, lost or abandoned, is currently residing in my back garden (and surrounding area) at 27 Kilcross Court, Sandyford, Dublin 18. He is a very friendly cat, in healthy condition, but is very hungry.

He turned up about four days ago (October 26th) and was extremely hungry. I have been feeding him and he is eating normally now. It seems no one else is feeding him. That is why I think he may be lost or may have been abandoned. He has a thin white ring near the end of his tail and has unique white markings on his face (see photos). He is one or two years old. If he is lost and you are trying to find him, please contact me:

Cóilín MacLochlainn

27 Kilcross Court
Sandyford, Dublin D18 Y7R7

Tel: 01 294 3459
Mobile: 086 340 7802
Email: environs@iol.ie

Batsula Is Missing The Clonsilla Road Since Aug 18

Batsula, our loyal cat of 9 years failed to return from her rambles in the middle of August this year. She was mostly outdoor cat, excellent hunter, very gentle with family and kids but usually shy of people. She was neutered and microchipped in 2010, she would not wear a collar. We stay in Blanchardstown village and she would roam and know this area well, coming home daily to rest and eat and then leaving again.
Perhaps somebody caught sight of her since August in vicinity to let me know? I fear she was hurt by car or similar.
She is very much missed
Thank you
086 162 1225

Two Kittens Found on Oct 19th in Glasnevin



I found these two kittens in Prospect, Glasnevin on the 19th October. The black and white one is a boy and the black one is a girl, she has a little white on her belly.  Neither are micro-chipped.
Please get in touch today if you know these kittens.
Phone No. 083 8009275

Missing in Donegal – Oct 18


Our 5 year old male cat called Misha went missing from home in Redcastle, Co. Donegal on the 20th October. He is neutered and microchipped. If anyone finds him or has any information about him, please contact me on 0876381395.


Found: Ginger Cat in Clonee. Oct 18

This cat (possibly male) has been found and it is very friendly.
It’s been around the Bramblefield drive area off the Littlepace road Clonee.
Very very hungry. I am hoping that it belongs to someone. It’s been around my home for the past few weeks as far as I know.
My number is 0863207131.

Female Cat Found in Walkinstown – Oct 18


This female cat is hanging around our neighborhood in Walkinstown since the middle of this week.  I am on a Neighborhood Watch Facebook page with over a 1000 members and we have tried to find the owner by posting photos but nobody has claimed her.  She is a lovely, friendly and well looked after cat who is going up to people trying to find her owner or a new home.

Please get in touch if you recognize her.

Phone 086 8107747