Lost and Found Cats

Please take a moment to read the following notices, your help in tracing any of these lost or found cats is very much appreciated. If you have lost or found a cat & would like to include your notice here,* please email us at catsaid@gmail.com

Tilly is missing from Crumlin since early November

Tilly is a tabby and white cat who is missing since Saturday November 3rd in the Rathdrum rd area of Crumlin.
She is 2 years old, neutered, no collar but is micro chipped.
She is very friendly but likely to be spooked at this stage.
We have left flyers into local houses and my feeling is that she has not gone very far as she usually avoids the road.
If you spot her please let me know on 087 9388367

Jones is Missing from Sandymount since Oct 18


Jones is a 1 year old Siamese who disappeared once before but returned, found hiding in a nearby bush four days later. She’s now gone two and a half weeks and we are very concerned. Please see her photo below.

Jonesy is a 1 year old very timid Siamese. She went missing from St John’s Road in Sandymount on the evening of Friday 19th October. Jonesy is unlikely to let anyone approach her, but if you have seen her, please let us know on 087 2479592 or 086 8041641. She is microchipped and neutered.


Female Ragdoll Missing from Clontarf – Nov 18

My best friend’s family cat has been missing over a week now and they’re pretty desperate to find her.
Below are all of the details including contact information of the owners.
Cat’s Name: Teddy
Age: 2.5 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Ragdoll
Where: Clontarf, Dublin (specifically Kincora Road)
When: Since October 27th (likely spooked by firework)
Description: White and Cream coat, Black face and Blue eyes.
Owner’s name: Jake
Phone: 0867918158

Missing Since Haloween in Dun Laoghaire

Lost from Dun Laoghaire area, Charlemont Ave, on Haloween afternoon, 31st Oct. Male, not neutered, no collar, very friendly.
Name: Winston, approx 3 months old. Picture attached is when he was a month old.

Aisling Foley


Frankie is missing from Dublin 3 – Oct 18


Our sweet boy is still missing in the Dublin 3 area.

3 year old Frankie – all grey cat with golden/green eyes.

He got spooked by foot traffic on his first day out of his new house, most likely went into hiding but doesn’t know where his new house his.

He may still be hiding or trapped in or under sheds, please check if you’re in the area. Or someone may be feeding him.

We have put up posters, gone door to door and physically searched areas he may have gone to. We are extremely worried about him .
If you see him please contact us on 086 3120069 or 087 2334372.

Odin Is Missing in The Burren – Oct 18


My cat has been missing from home since October 21st. He is a black and white tuxedo cat with one eye (he was a rescue cat and so was kept indoors). His name is Odin, he’s 4 years old, he is neutered but he isn’t micro-chipped.

We live in the Burren on the border between Clare and Galway, near to the Burren Yoga Centre. He’s a timid cat when he’s outdoors, so wouldn’t be easily caught. Besides that, he is extremely friendly. If anybody has any information about Odin please phone 087 170 1339 or email sarahquickart@gmail.com


Black Cat found in Sandyford – Oct 18


A mainly black cat, lost or abandoned, is currently residing in my back garden (and surrounding area) at 27 Kilcross Court, Sandyford, Dublin 18. He is a very friendly cat, in healthy condition, but is very hungry.

He turned up about four days ago (October 26th) and was extremely hungry. I have been feeding him and he is eating normally now. It seems no one else is feeding him. That is why I think he may be lost or may have been abandoned. He has a thin white ring near the end of his tail and has unique white markings on his face (see photos). He is one or two years old. If he is lost and you are trying to find him, please contact me:

Cóilín MacLochlainn

27 Kilcross Court
Sandyford, Dublin D18 Y7R7

Tel: 01 294 3459
Mobile: 086 340 7802
Email: environs@iol.ie

Batsula Is Missing The Clonsilla Road Since Aug 18

Batsula, our loyal cat of 9 years failed to return from her rambles in the middle of August this year. She was mostly outdoor cat, excellent hunter, very gentle with family and kids but usually shy of people. She was neutered and microchipped in 2010, she would not wear a collar. We stay in Blanchardstown village and she would roam and know this area well, coming home daily to rest and eat and then leaving again.
Perhaps somebody caught sight of her since August in vicinity to let me know? I fear she was hurt by car or similar.
She is very much missed
Thank you
086 162 1225

Two Kittens Found on Oct 19th in Glasnevin



I found these two kittens in Prospect, Glasnevin on the 19th October. The black and white one is a boy and the black one is a girl, she has a little white on her belly.  Neither are micro-chipped.
Please get in touch today if you know these kittens.
Phone No. 083 8009275

Missing in Donegal – Oct 18


Our 5 year old male cat called Misha went missing from home in Redcastle, Co. Donegal on the 20th October. He is neutered and microchipped. If anyone finds him or has any information about him, please contact me on 0876381395.


Found: Ginger Cat in Clonee. Oct 18

This cat (possibly male) has been found and it is very friendly.
It’s been around the Bramblefield drive area off the Littlepace road Clonee.
Very very hungry. I am hoping that it belongs to someone. It’s been around my home for the past few weeks as far as I know.
My number is 0863207131.

Female Cat Found in Walkinstown – Oct 18


This female cat is hanging around our neighborhood in Walkinstown since the middle of this week.  I am on a Neighborhood Watch Facebook page with over a 1000 members and we have tried to find the owner by posting photos but nobody has claimed her.  She is a lovely, friendly and well looked after cat who is going up to people trying to find her owner or a new home.

Please get in touch if you recognize her.

Phone 086 8107747

Hobbit is missing from Sutton, Oct 18


My little cat called Hobbit has been missing for the last two weeks. She is extremely friendly and has a long reputation of rambling. Looks like a kitten but is actually 7 years old. We miss her terribly. We live in Sutton but she has been known to travel large distances and we live close to the DART so it is even possible that she hopped on it. Mob : 086 2752784.

Tabby Missing Since Sep 29th near Ballyfermot


My aunt’s female tabby cat went missing on Saturday 29th September.

She lives in upper Ballyfermot near a park that leads into Palmerstown.

Kitty is about 4/5 years old and never stays away for too long.

We have been looking for her around the area, but nobody has seen her.

Kitty is age 4 to 5 years, female, neutered, missing since  Saturday 29 September 2019, no collar and no microchip

Please phone 0857208807


Ginger Male Missing from Coolock since Friday 5th Oct

This 7 month old male cat went missing from his home in Coolock on Friday 5th October.  He is not neutered and not microchipped.  His name is Sparky. If anyone finds him or has any information about him, please contact me on 0833522291.

*** REUNITED 31ST OCT*** Small Female Black Cat Missing from Celbridge since 1st Oct


Small adult black rescue cat still missing from Texaco side of St.Raphael’s Manor, Celbridge. Could be mistaken for a kitten as she is quite small. She is lost and is not familiar with this area and very nervous. Please check your sheds, garages, outhouses, gardens etc as she may be trapped. Due to her colour she is difficult to see and is probably very frightened.

If you see or hear her please call 0863310687 or 0868210345

Ginger Cat Found in Ballsbridge – Oct 18

A four year (approx) old male ginger cat was found in Ballsbridge in October. He’s very affectionate and friendly and keen to come into a home. I brought him to the vet in UCD who checked him over and said he was neutered and healthy.
Contact number is 0872574573



Lola and Molly are missing from Artane/Harmonstown – Early Oct


Two black young cats (6 months) went missing from Artane/Harmonstwon area on the 3rd of October. Both are micro chipped. The two sisters always play and walk together. Below Molly, is wearing a red colour, the other one is Lola. Molly has a few white hairs at the front of her neck.

Please contact 085 147 1667.


Please help bring Ziggy home. Missing since July 18.


Please help bring Ziggy home! He is a much loved family pet and is believed to have traveled from Ballincollig in a car engine.

Ziggy is missing since Monday 30th July 2018. Ziggy is a deaf WHITE CAT with ONE GREEN and ONE BLUE EYE. Ziggy is MICROCHIPPED.

We think he may have traveled in a car engine.

If you find him please call 086 106 7888 or 087 693 0832 anytime day or night! Thank you!

Found in Foxrock / Blackrock Co Dublin, Sep 18

I found this cat in the Foxrock/Blackrock area recently.

Female about 6 months old no microchip. She’s very friendly.

My phone number is 0872498240.

Two Tabbies Missing from Ballybough, Dublin. (Sep 18)


The 2 cats missing from Ballybough:

1 silver grey female tabby, about 2 years old, spayed and ear tipped. She is an outdoor cat who loves the company of other cats. She is good with people and enjoys rubs too but she always wants to go outside, she is used to being around other cats and seems to prefer the company of her own kind. She would likely come across as skittish at first.

1 brown female tabby, about 2 years old, spayed. She has a ferocious appetite, she is a cat who would over eat and she is also friendly with people. She used to live with a dog and she missed him very much when he went to a new home, so she might not fear dogs. She has a ‘gunner’ eye, left eye. She is used to being around her sister but she may not like being around a lot of cats.  She is my neighbours cat.

They could be together, 1 went missing 13th Sept, the other on the 14th from the Ballybough side of Croke Park. They are used to being out and getting their collars off. The terrain here isn’t good for collars so we only use collars that will break off.

Both cats are listed on lost and found pets website. Silver grey tabby will be in the Herald for 5 days and is listed on FB lost & found pages. Details sent to rescue group pages on FB already and some vets pages also. More photos of silver grey tabby below.  1 photo of brown tabby below.

Please keep an eye out for these 2 cats. Thanks to all for helping and contacting me. Please also let me know if you get calls from the public asking for TNR in this area, as we all know how easy it is for the public to get mixed up between pet cats and strays.

Kim – 086 167 9886






Found In Clongriffin in Sep 18


Young male cat, not chipped, neutered. Very friendly.
Contact Clare 0872392219

Black Cat Found in Duleek Co Meath


We have a cat living out our back garden, we believe he’s male and possibly not neutered. Don’t know if he’s chipped as haven’t been able to get him to a vet yet.

He was very scared at first but now is very affectionate, loves pets and head bumps. Not sure if he’s neutered, chipped or his age unfortunately.

He’s black with a white spot on his chest.

Please contact Clare on 086 395 2514

Friendly Tabby Cat Found In Clongriffin – Sep 18


Young male cat, not chipped, neutered. Very friendly.
Contact Clare 0872392219

Kitten Found In Swords – 13th Sep 18


This kitten found us in Swords (close to Round Tower) area yesterday 13th Sept. It is small, distressed and hungry, has a cold and may have an eye infection.  It was in a scruffy state but very house friendly so we think it is a family pet rather than abandoned.
Contact Laura on 087 4122520






Isla has gone missing from her new home in Castlemoyne. She was adopted last week and may be scared in a new place she isn’t familiar with. She is neutered but not microchipped. Please share and if you see her, call us on 01 8478044 as soon as possible.

Jewel is Missing from Barndarrig, Wicklow since Friday 31st Aug


Jewel is a beautiful white cat. She has only 3 legs and is deaf.

She is microchipped and has a black collar.

She is very curious and could easily be locked in a shed or garage.

If you’ve spotted her we’d be very grateful for a call on 0876374117.


Missing From Beechwood Ranelagh, since Sep 1st. **Home Safe!**


Ziggy is missing since Saturday 1st September from Beechwood area in Ranelagh. He is a 2 year old neutered male, microchipped, tabby with white markings, wearing a red collar with bell on it,

Nervous of strangers, if found please call 087 2243 297.

Missing from Galway,may have gotten into a car! August 14th.


 Have you seen this much loved cat? She is called ‘Mocha’. She is very affectionate. She has a coffee coloured tummy and she also has a titanium left hip!  She is also microchipped!

She was last seen at home on Tuesday 14 August, in Carrowkeel, Kiltullagh, Co. Galway, very near the Plaza at Junction 16 of the M6.
She likes cars so may have travelled!

Please, please call us if you see her, thank you!
Paula 086 8358971 or Philip 086 3827384

Missing from Phibsboro since Friday 24th August!

My cat has been missing since last Friday 24th August. He is a tabby male with white socks and boots and a white chin/front neck. He has distinctive black stripes from his face all the way down his body and has green eyes and a beige nose. He is a year and half old, neutered and an extremely friendly and outgoing chappy that will become friends with anyone.
I am attaching a missing poster as photo/JPEG file and anywhere you can post this I would be extremely grateful – the number seems to be missing from the bottom but I can be contacted on 0871210243. Catie.

Kit Kat is missing from Blackrock Co. Dublin

Kit Kat was at the cat sitters house near Avoca Avenue south of Blackrock on August 10th when she escaped through a cracked window. She is 2 years old brown tabby, but quite petite, microchipped and spayed. She is friendly,sweet and gentle but would be shy with strangers. She lost her collar as it was found off Mount Merrion Avenue.
Please call Laurie if you see her.
087 403 4696

Missing from Blackrock Co. Dublin 22nd August.

Rhubarb went missing in Blackrock Co. Dublin on 22nd August. He is a grey male tabby with white socks on his back legs- no collar or microchip. He is two years old and neutered.
Please call Fiona if you find him: Phone Number: 0868034044

Lost Tortie kitten Hansted Lucan on Newcastle Road!

Female kitten – 6 months old. Very friendly, not too streetwise. Missing from Hansted park estate, Lucan since the 18th August. This photo was taken when she was much younger.
Please contact Alan on 0851457551

Found at Liffey Valley VUE cinema!

I found a very distressed cat on Sunday 19th August in the carpark of VUE cinema Liffey Valley Dublin.  He is a small black cat with a white chest and white paws.  He is very friendly. He is not microchipped or neutered.  He has been well looked after so I imagine he is a family pet. He probably got into a car and landed here far away from home. 
If you are missing a cat that fits this description or know of anyone who may be missing one, could you please contact me at 086 8769921.
Many thanks

Missing from Donnycarney Dublin 5!

We have lost our cat Amber (picture attached) she is chipped for ID. We live in Donnycarney opposite Clontarf Golf Club. She is a small sized white/brown and black cat. Please call if you find her.  Phone:   Rita : 0858115506

Ginger Cat Missing from Kilcock since Aug 13th.

Our cat Carrot is missing 4 days from 13/08/2018. He’s 9 months old and not neutered yet. We leave in Kilcock, Brayton Park area.

If anybody out there spots him please phone 0851546946.


Black & White Cat Found Clane Aug 17th.** Owner found & reunited**


This male white and black cat was found in Clane, Co. Kildare. He is very sweet and friendly and had a collar on him but unfortunately has no microchip and was not neutered.

He seems to be missing his owners. Possibly could have travelled in a car.

Please phone 086 1536448 if you know the owner.

Cinnamon is missing from Fairview since 23rd June. *FOUND AFTER 6 WEEKS AND HOME & SAFE NOW. *


A very large ginger male cat named Cinnamon has been missing from Fairview Strand area (Dublin 3) since 23 June. He is six years old, short-haired, neutered and microchipped. He was not wearing his collar when he disappeared. He is really beautiful and gentle, but also sick (feline leukemia) and requires frequent veterinary attention. The cat might have gotten by chance to a vehicle parked in our neighbourhood and traveled to an unfamiliar place not being able to find his way back.

If there is a stray ginger cat hanging out in your garden please be so kind and check it for a microchip! We are devastated to have lost our beloved family pet. If you know anything about his whereabouts please please let us know. Tel 0852718862 and 0862040578

Alfie is missing from Leixlip since July 26th


Alfie has been missing from Easton Road area of Leixlip since 26th July. House trained but loves being outside, only never usually leaves the perimiter of our house.

He is 16 months, male, neutered, not microchipped or collared, very friendly. Has a black ring on bottom eye lid of his left eye. Hes mainly white with tabby patches and a tabby tail.

Extremely missed. He looks well has a lovely coat. He is long with a smaller head. Please call 083 8392797 if you spot Alfie in Leixlip or surrounding area.

Maggie (pure white & petite) is missing from Bray since July 27th


Has anyone seen our cat “Maggie”. Shes been missing since Friday 27th July. Shes spayed and microchipped. Shes not wearing a collar. She is just over a year old and is quite a small slender pure white cat with green eyes. She has quite a small narrow face & has very soft short hair. Her brother misses her. We live in Ryecroft. We’re worried she may be locked into someones shed or house in Churchlands, Charnwood or anywhere around Killarney Road or Vevay Road area or anywhere around this area of Bray. Could you please check your sheds & look in windows of unoccupied houses.

My contact details are Aileen Brennan 0872791249 or email : aileenbrennan@gmail.com