Sponsor A Cat – Another way to help!

Perhaps you are unable to adopt a cat, even though you would love one, or perhaps you already have a cat and want to help other cats to have a special home some day too. We at Cats’ Aid understand that these are difficult and unsettling times. That is why, more than ever, we need your help to ensure that we can be here for every cat, for as long as we are needed. 

If you sponsor one of our long term cats from the profiles below, this fund goes towards helping us to pay for their ongoing veterinary bills, for replacing equipment when necessary and it will also help us to continue the most important part of our work – rescuing the frightened, hungry, injured and unwanted cats we receive calls about every week. We care for them, give them food (some need special diets), warmth, shelter and TLC and do everything we can to rehabilitate them, so that eventually each one will have the chance to find a forever home.

When you sponsor a cat from our website you will receive a personalized Sponsorship Certificate, with your name and the details of the cat you want to help. If it is for a gift then we can personalize that too. Sponsorship costs 30 euro for 12 months.

If you would like to go ahead and sponsor one of our cats, please email us on catsaid@gmail.com and let us know which cat you have chosen from all the cats below. Most of them live together in the Cats Aid Cattery, see the pictures below.

A Sponsorship Certificate would make a wonderful gift for a cat-loving friend, too. In order to cut down on postage fees and paper we will email your Certificate to you (or the recipient), once payment is received.

You can access our DONATE button on the top right corner of this page or any of our site pages. It brings you to our page that details how donation payments can be made via other methods rather than just debit or credit cards!

If you have any difficulties or queries please email us on catsaid@gmail.com

Thank you from Cats Aid and from all our beautiful cats!

Lucky's Story!

Lucky’s Story!


Meet Lucky. She is a beautiful little tuxedo female cat. She came to Catsaid after her owner was no longer in a position to look after her. […]

Mr Fluff's Story!

Mr Fluff’s Story!


Hi I’m Mr Fluff. I was found living outside and in very bad shape. I had cuts all over my head, a damaged ear, my fur was […]

Sofi's Story!

Sofi’s Story!


Hi, I’m Sofi! I’m a small tuxedo cat with white socks, aged around two years old. I was rescued from a colony in Maynooth where I had […]

Zoro's Story!

Zoro’s Story!


This is the gorgeous Zoro who is approximately 13 years of age. We are not 100% sure of his exact age but he is definitely a senior […]

Garfield's Story!

Garfield’s Story!


My name is Garfield and I am all of four years old. When I came into the care of Cats Aid I had a severe skin condition […]

Bessy's Story!

Bessy’s Story!


Hi there my name is Bessy and I am a six year old female cat with beautiful beige flecks throughout my dark chocolate colored coat. When I […]

Donald's Story!

Donald’s Story!


Hi there, my name is Donald and I am the latest cat to join the Cats Aid Cattery. I got my name after being found and rescued […]

Callie's Story!

Callie’s Story!


Hi there, my name is Callie and I am aged 15 years old. I was taken in with all my pals from one of the elderly fosterer’s […]

Justin's Story!

Justin’s Story!


Hi there, my name is Justin and I am an all black male adult with a gorgeous coat. I was rescued by Cats Aid in January of […]

Bernie's Story!

Bernie’s Story!


Bernie’s Story Hi, I am Bernie. I am a very good looking seven-year-old tabby and white cat. I was found in Dublin City Centre with a litter […]

Kyle's Story!

Kyle’s Story!


Hi, I am Kyle, a handsome black and white cat with beautiful golden eyes. When I was just seven months old, I was spotted with an injured […]

Hugo's Story!

Hugo’s Story!


Hugo’s Story My name is Hugo. I am an 8 year old black male cat. I was rescued by Cats’ Aid when they received a call from a kind […]

Misty's Story!

Misty’s Story!


Hello, My name is Misty, perhaps because I disappear when you look at me. I have a vey pretty face with golden eyes and I am white […]